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UTEC and your event

Our mission can be felt and seen throughout the building. The values listed above are literally printed on our drop-in area walls. Photos and paintings of UTEC program participants from over the years line hallways. The beautiful tables in our cafe were made by by our furniture design team, using salvaged materials. Your event rental supports all of this, both through rental revenue and by giving UTEC young adults experience setting up, staffing, and catering events. Want MORE? Contact us for information about ways to add more UTEC madd love to your meeting or event. Options include group tours, team-building or energizer activities, and even breakdancing performances! 

our VAlues

UTEC is a family. We assume goodness behind everyone’s actions. We show mad love, unconditionally accepting each person. We offer everyone a clean slatenever giving up. We carry out respectful curiosity, always seeking out moments to connect. We are sponges, actively seeking feedback. We embody contagious passion in all we do. 

UTEC is a catalyst. We think big about what we can achieve. We continually chip away, demonstrating relentlessness in our pursuit of positive change. We plant seeds of peace and cultivate trust. We see beyond the mask, knowing there’s always more beneath the surface. We ignite social justice. And we spark sustainability – for our young people, our enterprises, and our physical environment.  

Our Mission

UTEC's mission and promise is to ignite and nurture the ambition of our most disconnected young adults to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success.

Our history

UTEC, founded in 1999 and based in Lowell, was the result of an organizing movement driven by young people to develop their own teen center in response to gang violence.  

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