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Are you looking for the perfect venue for your wedding or event? Contact us to learn more about the options at UTEC. From a 10-guest intimate ceremony in our striking multi-level atrium to a 250-guest reception in our Main Function Hall, there is something to fit every event, regardless of size, taste, and budget. Make an appointment today! To schedule a visit, please call our Events Manager at 978-856-3976 or email

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Thank you for considering UTEC as the venue for your next event. Our unique and historic building is perfect for weddings, galas, concerts, meetings, seminars, cocktail parties, birthdays, performances, lectures, film releases, and so much more! Facility rentals help to support UTEC's mission-driven work with young people, both through rental revenue and by providing diverse opportunities for youth to be involved in planning and staffing. After an ambitious renovation, finished in 2012, UTEC is now the oldest LEED Platinum Certified building in the country. We take pride in our “green” features, from the solar panels on our roof to the local ingredients in our kitchen.